Sunday, October 7, 2007

useful tips

How to resize recyclebin
By default, certain amount of your hard disk space is utilized by the recycle bin. In general, it is10%( example- if your hard disk space is 200gb, then the space reserved for recycle bin is 20gb). Now, thats a considerable amount, fortunately the settings of the recycle bin can be changed by clicking on "properties", and the recycle bin can be deemed to hold less space.

Take iPod instead of your laptop when traveling
An iPod (and other portable USB storage devices) can hold computer files, Outlook data, Internet Explorer favorites, desktop wallpaper, and in some cases applications. Connect the iPod to a borrowed PC and it is like having access to your own computer. Later, sync the iPod with your PC back home.

Promote your blog for free
Promote your website of blog for free by making a lens on the Squidoo website. Check out for more information. A Squidoo web presence gives you high rankings on the search engines, particularly Goggle.