Monday, September 15, 2008

Apple iPhone is not worth it!

The Apple iPhone was recently launched in India. The 8GB version costs a mammoth 31,000 INR($680) , while 16GB version is available at 38,000 INR($800). In USA, the phone would be available at a much cheaper rate.

So, does the iPhone live up to its hype!!! Definitely not! The phone is good but not good enough for the price. It has many technical and no-technical flaws. It is highly surprising that such a technically suave phone lacks basic features like bluetooth and videorecording. It does not have a search option in the Contacts List. Although it is a GSM phone, it is only available in 2 networks, namely Airtel and Vodafone, and that too without any contract.

Recent reports have suggested that the chipset has technical glitches. This is definitely, not good news for people with a high security priority. A technical expert in India, said this "Suppose a malicious code is running in my iPhone, Apple can shut off the phone". Now thats my phone, what right does Apple have to shut it. I have paid full amount for that phone and I do not even have full control over it.

However I have to agree that Applee has created good hype, and marketed the product excellent well in India. Its music quality, browsing features and accessory utilities are of very high standard. I reccomend this phone, only to hardcore music lovers and net surfers.