Sunday, February 17, 2008


C++ is a mid-level computer language. It is a multi paradigm, free form, compiled, statically typed computer language. It supports data abstraction, generic programming, object oriented programming, and procedural programming.

Did you understand the meaning of the underlined worlds? Honestly speaking, I did not! I further read and and came out with the following interpretation of the underlined worlds.

  • Multi paradigm- C++ language supports both object oriented paradigm and procedural paradigm, hence it is multi paradigm.
  • Free form- Initially the computer languages that were formulated , had the code to be written in specific columns. In C++, the code can be written in white space, hence it is free form.
  • Compiled- C++ uses a compiler. A compiler, scans the entire code, line by line, and reports errors and warnings if any. A compiler is different from an interpreter. When an Interpreter is used , the errors(most of them) are reported immediately while the code is being written.
  • Statically typed- The C++ compiler accepts letters, numbers, characters in a particular type. In statical typing, the typing is done during design time. In dynamic tying the typing is done during run time.
  • Data abstraction- In C++ the object ca have many features.Only particular features of the object is written in the code. The particular features are written in the class of the object, and the class is known as data abstraction type.
  • Generic Programming- C++ has generic programming features.
  • Object Oriented Programming(OOP)- C++ uses objects, to develop applications. These objects interact with one another via various techniques namely Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Modularity.
  • Procedural Programming- A procedure can be function, method, routine, sub-routine. In procedural programming, a procedure can be called from any other procedure, without writing the whole code again.
C++ Language is an advancement of C Language and it was designed by Bjarne Stroustrup.


EGB said...

Nice information on C++.

Unknown said...

C++ is not a "midlevel" language and never has been. The idea is just junk meant to make languages like java and C# seem to be higher than C++. C++ is definetly one of the highest level languages we have and have ever had. Python is the only language I can think of that is on the same level of abstraction.