Monday, October 20, 2008


A lot of speculations have been made on extra-terrestrial life[life on other planets].Various techniques of Radiography,Satellites,Interplanetry Robotic missions have been used to detect extra-terrestrial life,---------but have meet with no success.

According to me life exists on electrons.Confused?The similarity between the planetary orbits and electron orbits is more than a mere coincidence.The similarity between the configuration of an atom[electrons revolving around a dense nucleus] and our solar system[planets revolving around a dense Sun] does indicate something.It indicates that as life exists on earth similarly, at the atomic level life would exist on the electrons.

There would not be any difference in the life of that miniperson living on the electron and us.Probably he/she has the same lifestyle and similar surroundings but ofcourse,the time factor in that electron would be very different.Probably the entire existence of that mini planet[electron] would be one millionth of a second..Suppose a person from that miniplanet would travel to a bigger planet[say our EARTH] and after a time interval of few seconds retuns back to his/her own planet what would he find?The answer is that he/she would find his planet missing since the whole existence of his/her planet is only millionth of a second.

But why should we consider ourselves fortunate?Therotically it is possible our planet is an electron like particle to a much bigger mega planet.Our existence for billions of years might seem a very short period of time to those mega planet people and might be only a small component of a odinary process[like bursting of a cracker].

This leads to the existence of the relative size of the planets as proposed by relative biosphere hypothesis.In it the size of the planets at different levels would come under a number line.

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